Our Goals

Be a leading e-Sports organization especially in indonesia,by building a brand and professional teams consist of an individual with high passion and skills to contribute their potential in the world of e-Sports.

Founded in October 2013, the team is represented by the best Indonesian Dota players who are already well known in the international gaming community. Rex Regum has grown to become one of the most respected Dota 2 teams in Southeast Asia.
The team’s mission is to become the best Dota team in the world by winning “The International”, the largest Dota 2 tournament in the world, Which is held in Seattle, USA. Rex Regum believes that the key to their success is by combining the skills of the experienced players with those of up and coming young players.



Creating amazing stuff to help you be the hero of the story.


  • " ADTR "

  • Ahmad Syazwan is the first foreign coach in Indonesia. He was born on July 3rd, 1990 in Malaysia. This is his second time for being the coach. Actually, he hasn’t retired from being pro player he is just taking a break from competitive scene and he just wants to try out something new towards coaching, cause he believes that he can see the game differently when he is not playing it. He moved to Indonesia since October 2016 and helps the team to improve. He sees the potential in RRQ and he knows that RRQ can be better than this. With all of his experiences, knowledge, and faith, he will help the team to achieve the dream!


  • " Oddie "

  • Vinzent 'Oddie' Indra starts his journey as manager for Rex Regum Qeon back in 2013, where at the beginning he help his best friend Farand 'Koala' Kowara to build the team, But before that he was widely known as one of the best analyst shout caster for DotA 2 TV Indonesia. After he stopped working for DotA 2 TV Indonesia, Oddie accepted the role as analyst shout caster for Rex Regum Qeon and later became their manager also. With working for almost 4 years for Rex Regum Qeon, He uses his talent and experience for helping Rex Regum Qeon to become one of the best DotA 2 team and known in Indonesia.


  • Eden

Nicholas Thie was born on September 15th, 1997 in Jakarta. Since January 2017, he joined the team and becomes the youngest and the newest member of RRQ. When the other 5th-grade elementary kids were playing dolls, figures, and robots, he is the one who loves to play DotA. For now, he studies at Bandung Institute of Technology but this semester he decided to take a break for awhile because he knows that in exchange to be a pro player he has to give everything including his time and education. His first competitive scene was 4years ago when he was still at young age, 15. He got lots of experiences through the times. He even reached 7k MMR. His dream is winning The International.

  • 'kelthuzard'

Michael Samsir is one of uprising carnivore from Indonesia (he doesn’t eat veggie). He was born on April 3rd, 1995 in Jakarta. He has 2 brothers and 1 little sister. His DotA journey starts from when he was still in elementary school. He saw one of his brothers was playing DotA and it caught his eyes right away. Even though he did play another game but his heart has decided that DotA is the only game he loves even until today. After his graduation, he gave up everything including his education in exchange to be a pro player. He accepted Xepher’s offer to join one of DotA 2 Indonesian big team. This was his first step on the competitive scene. Of course, he was lacking many things at first, but he proved his potency by being invited to a bigger team and even made it into become RRQ member. Since January 2016, he strengthens RRQ line up and carries the team. His dream is to become Aomine Daiki. Ooops, just kidding. He desperately wants to be the part of The International of Dota 2 and win!

  • 'Koala'

Farand Kowara is one of the prominent players in Indonesia, he began his journey since the Dota 1 era around 2007 playing in a small community internet cafe with his friends, kowara founds his big breaks when Jeffry 'StamX' decide to retire and left fnatic with only 4 members, kowara already famous in the dota 1 community back then with his raw skill talent that even the fnatic/xcn members had an eye on him. after StamX retired fnatic began to search for their last member and end up with kowara after a few practice with him and then start the legendary era in 2008-09 beating all the international teams and become one of the best team in the world with achievements such as MGC China 2008, WGT Singapore 2008, and many else. unfortunately, Fnatic era ended when the teams part ways with the organization and all the player got busy with real life commitment (college, work, etc.) while kowara still remains in the professional scene on and off because of the harsh professional scene in SEA. after that dota 2 is published and seeing the future prospect of the game with The International Tournament, kowara starts to play again professionally where he finally found a new home under the banner of Rex Regum Qeon.

  • 'Xepher'

Kenny Deo is the youngest member of RRQ. He was born on June 27th, 1996 in Jakarta. Being the youngest doesn’t mean anything, because he shows his capability with handling the draft for the team. His one and only brother was the one who introduced DotA to him in 2010. He already joined the competitive scene when he was still in senior high school. He refused to go to a college and living his passion right after his senior high school graduation. He earns a lot of experiences through several teams that he joined and it makes him the best support from Indonesia. He once joined RRQ team during The International 2014 but it didn’t work so well so it disbanded. He moved around for years, and in early 2016 he came back to RRQ and brings Varizh and KelThuzard along. Even though they didn’t make it into The International 2016, they have decided that they will stay together and fight for The International 2017. He really wants to make his parents happy and proud of him by being successful in this field.

  • 'Yabyoo'

Yusuf Kurniawan is RRQ mid player since 2014, even though he left the team for almost a year and missed The International 2015 but he came back after all. This year he is turning 21. He was born on March 11th, 1996 in Surabaya. The first time he knew about DotA is when he was in Junior High School and his brother was playing in front of him and taught him how to play the game. He joined competitive local scene when he was still on Senior High School in Surabaya. He was attending college at semester 4th majoring Informatics Engineering when he was spamming Tinker for ranked match. His ability to play tinker caught KoaLa’s eyes and he asked him to go to Jakarta and join RRQ after several times they played together. Yabyoo was confused between finishing his study or doing the things that he loves, DotA. But he knew that to be invited by number 1 Indonesian DotA team is a rare opportunity. So he left his college life and moved to Jakarta and chasing his dream. His dream is to win The International. Yap, TI is every single pro player dreams.